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Pilsen Callao is one of the most traditional beer brands in Peru. For a decade now, the brand has become the flagship brand of true friendship, discovering that getting together with friends is one of the most important aspects in Peruvian idiosyncrasy, and it doesn’t matter whether you are single, married or in a relationship, people always find the time to get together with friends around a beer.

However, in 2014 the challenge was to find a new way to talk to consumers about the importance of friendship and of having real friendship moments.


For the past 25 years, Peruvians have migrated to other countries. In 2013 alone, 220,446 people left their homes seeking better future for themselves and their families. This way the number of Peruvians living abroad surpassed 3.5 million.

When Peruvians leave their country, they leave behind the things that define who they are: family, food and friends (the 3 “F’s”).

Although they can always keep in touch and stay connected to friends, they no longer feel the joy of getting together around “chelas” (Peruvian slang for beers) and enjoy those authentic moments of friendship.

Because, despite what all the slogans say, anybody who has lived away can tell you that distance can, in fact, take a toll on friendship: “Friendship doesn’t always break the barriers of distance”.

That’s why Pilsen Callao wanted to “Bring your pata (buddy, pal, mate) back”.


In order to bring dozens of friends back, Pilsen Callao developed a promo type campaign, where beer caps were marked with different km values (10 km, 50 km, 100 km).

People who wanted to bring their “patas” had to gather caps and achieve the goal of 10 000 kms. The first 100 to reach that goal could bring their “patas” from anywhere in the world thanks to Pilsen Callao.

To ensure the campaign had the most possible visibility, the media mix guaranteed the most reach and coverage in the target audience.

Arena Media selected programmes in open TV with high affinity due to key opinion leaders that were already talking about the brand.

Coverage was achieved by employing different OOH elements that reminded people every single day about the possibility of seeing their friends again. The agency dressed the city with “Trae a tu pata” ads.

In Lima, where there’s a lot of traffic, it used billboard in main avenues and concentration points. On the other hand, in the different Peruvian provinces, where there’s less traffic, Arena Media used mobile billboards in order to spread the message.

The brand was also present in Peru’s most important airport (Jorge Chavez in Lima), in the international arrivals area, and also in the most important shopping malls around the country using interactive iwalls.

The main role of digital was to make possible for friends to connect to one another and let them know about the mechanics, boost conversations and influence, and finally encourage subscriptions.


The campaign results were really outstanding. It managed to reinforce the brand’s purpose of “Creating and celebrating authentic friendship moments” as well as increase sales volume.

• +65% in volume sales (the goal was an 55% increase)
• Market share reached 28.2% (+1.7pp vs. previous year), making Pilsen Callao the brand with the highest raise of SOM in the category.
• Positive trend in brand value, reaching 39.3% by the end of the campaign.
• Brand positioning “Celebrates true friendship” surpassed brand objectives during campaign period by 63.5%.
• 10,138 groups of friends participating (+13% vs expected)
• $7.25 CPA (-21% vs expected)
• 21.68% conversion rate in October (+200.27% vs conversion rate in the first month of the campaign).
• 38K Brand Terms searches (+300% vs an average month).
• 24 cities participating
• 73K new Facebook fans
• 96K Facebook interactions
• 0.69 engagement rate
• 73K Twitter mentions
• $24 000 earned media (newspapers and a national news programme – Dia D)
• Different Facebook groups where created to gather caps
• People created different events “Trae a tu pata” on Facebook
• And even, some people began to sell caps.

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Pilsen Callao
Brand Owner:
Backus SAB Miller
Drinks (alcoholic)
September - December 2014
Media Channel:
  • FMAs shortlisted

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