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In the battle for laundry detergent supremacy, the fight was getting dirty. Dynamo was being outspent 3:1 by its biggest competitor OMO, and its #1 share of the liquid detergent sub-category was at risk.

Unlike OMO, Dynamo had no emotional connection with Australian Mums. It was seen as dated and decreasingly relevant. Price promotion was its only way of gaining attention, which as we all know, never ends well for a brand.

MEC’s task was clear, build an emotional connection with Aussie Mums – increasing consideration by 7% and maintaining Dynamo’s tenuous #1 position.


When it comes to her kids, Mum is a one-eyed supporter. If it’s a school musical, she will only pay attention to little Jimmy - third from the left. If it’s a game of soccer, it’s all about little Jimmy’s goalkeeping performance. Mum is not interested in the Socceroos or Sydney FC. She’s a passionate supporter of the Marrickville Under 6 Reds. MEC realised that there’s an opportunity to connect with Mums if it plays in the grassy, muddy roots of sport.

Idea: Dynamo supports every single junior Aussie sporting team. Individually.

The entire campaign would be based around the performance of every children’s team in Australia’s key sporting communities. Dynamo would give each one of these teams its individual support.

But how can a giant FMCG brand connect with so many people individually? MEC would have to develop some world first technology. The execution would be critical.


Sporting Pulse is an online sporting community with a database of 30,000 teams. Every week 1.7 million Australian players and parents visit this site for fixtures, results and player stats. For sports Mums, it’s an essential resource.

With such a complex network of teams, Sporting Pulse offered data at an extraordinarily granular level. MEC was able to gain unique access to this data to fulfil the strategy of genuinely personalised messages.

So how did it do this?

The agency had Sporting Pulse add another div attribute, summarising the content of each page as additional metadata. It then produced a master banner able to read and organise the one million data points it could now access. The set of super smart banners resulting from this master automatically versioned personalised messages.

Using HTML 5 instead of Flash allowed the smart banners to run on mobile, increasing reach by 30%. This was the first ever dynamic creative running on mobile.

When Mum clicked through to her kid’s team’s page, the team data was pulled into the banner to create the message. “Congratulations Marrickville Reds for defeating Leichardt Tigers!” or, “Good luck against the Gladesville Ravens tomorrow!”

Geolocalised data allowed us to communicate the weather for the next match. If rain was forecast, coupons were offered. In this muddy moment of truth, Dynamo was able to offer Mum genuine value.

Over 1.2 million unique ads were served to Aussie Mums, customised for their child’s team. Literally the biggest targeted ad campaign in category history.


This campaign smashed it out of the park! The goal was to maintain share. Instead it grew share by 0.2%.

Consideration was boosted by 57%.

Dynamo’s ‘Buy Now’ score increased by 10%.

FoxSports, a leading Australian broadcaster, was so impressed with the Sporting Pulse initiative that they acquired the site, renaming it Fox Sports Pulse. A great testimony to the site’s scale and depth as a sporting community, and a great win for all of the stakeholders in the campaign.

For one website to shift the scale so effectively is a massive feat, but it all comes down to the fundamentals: deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right place.

Who says mums are hard to reach? You just need to talk to her when her kid is at his muddiest.

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