Turning HK into the biggest McDonald’s Monopoly game


OMD’s challenge was to bring back the love of the Monopoly game through a unique engagement experience and keep people playing until the very end. It needed to convince people that McDonald’s Monopoly was really more about the fun of competing together in their all time favourite board game, as did many generations.


Although winning prizes is important, Hong Kong’s perception of McDonald’s Monopoly was all about the carnival involvement that brought people together!

Using Monopoly’s most iconic elements and game rules, OMD brought all Hong Kong people as part of the game and associate this fun to McDonald’s promotion that sits beyond McDonald’s stores.

It turned McDonald's Monopoly into a game by transforming Hong Kong’s cityscape into the BIGGEST-EVER MONOPOLY GAME-BOARD for the FIRST time! The silver tokens, GO sign, dollar notes… all reactivated Hong Kongers’ love for Monopoly!  


The agency brought to live the fun of Monopoly for ‘real’ and turned the entire Hong Kong city landscape into a ‘Giant Monopoly Game’. Getting everybody to play Monopoly and experience the fun they never had!

Announcing the launch of McDonald’s promotion, OMD produced gigantic silver token trucks that paraded along Hong Kong’s roads in the midst of real traffic! On the street level, Mr Monopoly(s) gave out ‘dollar notes’ (free upsize coupons) to everyone to keep on playing!

Continuing the game, it directed people from their daily commute where the entire high-traffic cross-harbor tunnel toll area was transformed into Monopoly’s iconic properties! Whenever people stopped to pay for their toll fees, toll collectors inside the ‘Go Sign’, ‘Go to Jail’ and ‘Free Parking’ booths passed the drive-through Monopoly dollar notes!

For six weeks, Hong Kong people became part of the game, in and out of McDonald’s stores!


The game took Hong Kong by storm and the enthusiasm for McDonald’s 6-week Monopoly promotion spread like wild fire.  

It was widely talked about...
• 92% campaign awareness
• Over 17,000 online conversations that were viewed 990,771 times!
• PR value totalled HK$7.8 Million ($1m+)!

More people took part than last year…
• 64% conversion from campaign awareness
• Lucky draw entries increased by 63%
• Instant Win redemptions up by 19%

A new level of engagement that lead to a strong business result
• 29% additional visit during Monopoly campaign period
• Extra Value Meals sold increased by 8.3%!

(Source: McDonald’s; Antenna/K-matrix Social Listening)

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November - December 2013
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