Cream Silk Hair Sonata


The Cream Silk Hair Sonata was launched to activate Cream Silk’s Hair Fall Defense range.

According to an H&A study, Hair Fall is the top 2 market need in key SEA countries (Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines). Cream Silk’s main competitors, Dove and Pantene, have harped on this opportunity by launching campaigns focused on hair fall.

Hair Fall has therefore been a primary source of growth for both brands.

With Hair Fall becoming an increasingly relevant consumer need and with competitive heat intensifying, Cream Silk needed to craft a solid marketing strategy to assert its functional superiority in Hair Fall and cement its leadership in the total hair conditioners market.


Based on lab tests, Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense gives up to 10x stronger hair against hair fall. To support this claim, Cream Silk sought to change the game and assert its functional superiority by demonstrating hair strength in a way that had never been done before.

Other brands commonly present hair fall as a result of weak roots and illustrate hair strength using the hair tug. Through research and collaboration with its agency partners, Cream Silk discovered that traditional violin bows actually use horse hair because of its strength. This finding sparked the idea for the ultimate test of hair strength. If violin bows were made of human hair treated with Cream Silk, would they be as strong as horse hair and withstand the friction between the violin’s bow and strings?

To put this to the test, Cream Silk collaborated with renowned violin bow-maker, Paul Goh to create hair violin bows to be used in the biggest and most beautiful demonstration of hair strength in the world, the Cream Silk Hair Sonata: The World’s First-Ever Hair Symphony Orchestra.

While the primary channel to communicate the brand message of hair strength was the event itself, Cream Silk drove its message across its wide consumer base, through on ground activation, digital amplification, real-time updates on social media and live streaming via the country’s biggest social media news network, Rappler.


With the brand’s focus on Hair Fall, the campaign’s key message is “Not only can strong hair be seen; now it can be heard.”

When it comes to strong hair, all brands show it with the hair pull. So Cream Silk changed the game. Traditional violin bows use horse hair, known for its strength. But what if the agency used human hair? Would it be as strong?

To demonstrate this, Cream Silk collaborated with renowned violin bowmaker, Paul Goh to create violin bows to be used in the biggest and most beautiful hair strength demonstration in the world, the Cream Silk Hair Sonata: The World’s First-Ever Hair Symphony Orchestra.

To make this demonstration more entertaining, Cream Silk mounted a mixed-media spectacle headlined by the Hair Symphony Orchestra, using violin bows made with human hair conditioned and strengthened with Cream Silk. Renowned composer and musical director Maestro Gerard Salonga of the ABSCBN Philharmonic Orchestra was invited to conduct the orchestra. A 3-part musical production, Hair Sonata tells the story of a struggling violinist who discovers her own strength and beauty and succeeds. Serving as backdrop for the Hair Orchestra’s enchanting serenades were performances by the premiere company, Ballet Philippines and an all-original short film by acclaimed director Gus Cruz, featuring Cream Silk muse Sam Pinto.


The Cream Silk Hair Sonata became a national news event, covered live by 7 TV networks and was seen by 19,300,000 viewers. Liveblog and livestream garnered 4,559 and 1,547 views respectively, reached 40% of Philippine Twitter users on event night, became among Rappler’s “Top 10 Most Read News Online.” It increased its Facebook fans by 85% with record-breaking 22.4% engagement rate (vs. 5% Norm), generated 264,163,766 digital impressions and 910,000 USD earned media.

Through the Cream Silk Hair Sonata, BRIDGES @ COM was able to create buzz and excitement for the brand and was able to deliver against its KPI’s. The campaign helped Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense achieve double digit growth, reach its highest-ever penetration, and highest–ever market share in the last 2 years.

The results affirm that the focused, impactful and innovative Hair Sonata campaign helped Cream Silk bounce back and gain momentum as a formidable force in the hair landscape. 

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