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Sodimac, a retail company, handles home brands whose importance has been constantly growing. Among them is Bauker, a brand of tools for home, with some years of presence in the markets where Sodimac participates, and which needed to be re-launched to the market with a communicational campaign to position the brand as leader of the market. This market presents two types of brands, those with low prices, which are not validated as a quality offer, and the traditional brands, synonym of the category, and where Bauker is located.

In the sector of tools there is an even higher level: the professional sector, where there are brands well known by their quality and useful life, which use is mainly restricted to professional and industrial activities. The difficulty for Bauker was to be considered as a quality tool brand, with a distinguishing offer of positioning, in order to be heard and also to encourage home owners to make arrangements at their homes. Bauker also needed to maintain the position achieved in the world of construction workers as a good price/quality alternative.

In terms of behaviour, the goal was to encourage home consumers to make arrangements at their homes, which would bring the use of Bauker tools as consequence. This need, increasingly present due to the difficulties to find a suitable person interested in doing small works, was identified as a great opportunity to take a distinguishing market niche, yet unexplored, to position the brand.


The main goal of the campaign was to re-launch the brand based on two key elements:

New Look (Green/black/orange): validated by the consumers in Latin America with 10% of increase in the willingness to buy the Brand compared to the previous look.

New Campaign: To position Bauker as a model for the category (not a home brand), with distinguishing attributes as the best option for the “professional worker in the house” home”, by creating a bond between the brand and the consumer, through a strong and distinguishing insight, which could achieve identification among the target group.

The strategy was to connect the brand to the consumer through a strong insight: if a man does the “dirty” work at home (to hang the painting of his mother in law, to fix the bathroom, to build some furniture, etc.) he will not only be admired by his wife and her friends, and cause the envy of all of his friends, but also he will gain some benefits that not all men get, like going to football matches, bachelor parties, barbecues with friends, not having to go to the supermarket, etc. 

The communicational concept of the campaign was: Bauker, tools for perfect men. The Big Idea was to create a character, the Bauker man, a character that helped to gather consumer insights, with strengths of the product.

To her wife and family, the Bauker man is a perfect man, because he works at home fixing things and doing stuff. The Bauker man is strong, brave, and protector, features that smell alpha male and conquer any woman. In a time of women empowerment and masculinity redefinitions, to explore this aspect with sense of humour was the key to connect with consumers, showing the new Bauker image at the same time. 


The campaign was not launched on an ordinary day. It was launched on June 7, the week before Father’s Day, weekend when the sales of the category increase significantly, in Chile, Peru, and Colombia, countries where the campaign was targeted.

This way, the campaign looked for calling the attention of the target group, men, generating mentions in a way to amplify the impact of the campaign launch. For that reason, comparisons were made to the same weekend of the year 2012.

Different media were analysed and finally it was decided to use pay TV regionally as the main vehicle, with 51% of the total budget. Pay TV allowed the centralisation of the exhibition from one country. The remaining 49% of the media investment was distributed locally in the three markets.

The pay TV strategy was to concentrate the plan in niche channels focused on the target group (like History, AXN, Fox Sports, and ESPN, among others) with high frequency on weekends, in order to take advantage of the higher consumption of pay TV. Additionally, and taking into consideration the Father’s Day, the plan also considered women as ancillary target, as they are the ones who give this kind of gifts to men.


The sales of Bauker increased in all the targeted countries: 23% in Chile, 41.3% in Colombia, and 49.2% in Peru.

In terms of media efficiency, it could decrease the costs of pay TV in 49% compared to the sum of the local costs for the same plan. It was also achieved the centralisation of the general media strategy from one country, from where then the local downloads were made.

The communicational strategy was to connect the brand to the consumer through a strong insight: if a man does the “dirty” work at home, fixing and building things, he will always be admired by his wife and her friends, and cause the envy of all of his friends, in brief, he will become the perfect man, through an optimal and efficient media plan which reached the target group through a regional campaign with support on other local media. 

In social networks, it was possible to read positive comments, praising the humour of the campaign and repeating the main concept: the Bauker men.

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