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El Salvador is a country with six million inhabitants and one million of them are women over 35 years old who dedicated most of their youth to building their families up while pushing themselves down. Ponds knows that the true beauty is inside, but it is better when the face and the external image also reveal the inside beauty. Finally a woman wants to look younger than she really is rather than just looking good for her true age.

Ponds needed to capitalise on this insight and also to increase its share of the market in the anti-age segment, where consumers don't perceive added value from Ponds preferring other brands instead of testing its new range. Ponds had a difficult situation, demanding strong actions to reposition the brand and gain credibility and consideration with the target. Ponds accepted the challenge and selected the re launch of the  High-Effectives Range and its powerful  claim (look ten years younger) to recover the first  place in the category, Initiative needed to give visibility over that claim, that it is always difficult to prove.


To show women of Salvador the effectiveness of anti-age line, the agency decided there was no better way than it evident from the first-hand experience of treatment in four real women. In the same way to implement the marketing philosophy of the company "Crafting brands for Life" / "building brands for life", where the main focus is "putting people first" of strategies, coming to transform with a  positive impact in their lives. This was what made the brand, selected the winners based on their life stories, to be protagonists of a total renovation and in just four weeks with the treatment and routine of PONDS AGE MIRACLE and with expert advice, their faces, image and their lives had a complete turnaround.

As always the revelation generated surprise among those present, exclamations, congratulations and applause surrounded them while they were next to the pictures of "before" real size, now they looks completely renovated. These four women transformed not just their faces, they also involved new habits into their daily lives proving how REAL GOOD THINGS WORTH THE WAIT. As it is imagined the  before and after  session was dramatic as all of the four women  looked stunning  and  easily lost at least 10 years on their faces.


Initiative worked with a special partnership between Ponds and Channel 33. Other mass media such as radio, open television, print and digital media were used to reach the extent of the convocatory phase. The Salvadorians over 40 years old were invited to send their stories letting PONDS know why they need an AGE MIRACLE in their lives.

The answer of the target was impressive; thousands of women sent their stories asking for a MIRACLE to erase the signs of pain and toughness of their lives out of their faces. The toughest four stories were selected and their protagonists received the PONDS AGE MIRACLE.

The PONDS AGE MIRACLE process and the stories of these four women were followed on the  popular TV show “De Mujer a Mujer Dos Generaciones” where the Hostess Lorena Saca also joined the winners to receive medical, dental, nutrition, fitness, make up, hair up and fashion accessories. The final chapter of this reality was a professional shooting session where all of them exposed and proved the PONDS AGE MIRACLE effectiveness, but, most importantly, look 10 years younger.

In this way PONDS rewarded four women, who had forgotten themselves, to have other better chances in life, proving that PONDS AGE MIRACLE went beyond to erase expression lines and gave a real chance to recover 10 years of their lives.

The Pond's promise is to empower women in every day of their lives to face any situation, here's Pond was writing a new history of life with the participants and of course with the winning.


Ponds won the first place of the SOM of the anti-age segment. Ponds went from 29% to 32% of SOM and the latest evaluation of 2014 still represents an increase on brand indicators. Ponds also increased its sales levels, reaching 39% of SOS. For first time in El Salvador the brand sold out in its supermarket inventory.

More than three thousand women asked for a PONDS AGE MIRACLE at the official webpage of the brand And each story was more shocking than the one before. 95% of the gifts given to the four women were sponsored by associated brands, the total cost of the gifts were calculated at $24,000.

Through PR Ponds earned 50 publications including printed notes, mentions in radio, notes in digital websites and coverage in most important media were achieved, all valued at more than $13,000.

Ponds increased its Facebook Profile by more than 10,000 fans and by the campaign period the digital engagement of the brand was 40%. PONDS AGE MIRACLE participation lifted the rating of “De Mujer a Mujer Dos Generaciones” up to 184%.

This campaign starts to be thinkable as the next pan regional project for PONDS. Ponds improved the lives of four women but also encouraged hundreds of them to believe but most importantly to make a real AG.

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El Salvador
October - December 2013
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