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Rexona has historically been the leading deodorant brand in the Brazilian market. The goals of the brand have always been the leadership in the perception of Maximum Protection and Maximum Efficacy in deodorants, with aggressive claims and the launching of superior products in its category.

The Do:More campaign brings the repositioning of the brand, unifying its communication language and connecting emotionally with the consumers. However, this connection cannot be only emotional; it has to be physical too. Inspiring people through the campaign and offering a superior product instigates them to always Do More.

‘Doing More’ is stimulated through the new MotionSense technology - an innovation for the category, where the main active ingredient of the new formulation is activated according to the body movements. The more you move, the more the deodorant protects you against perspiration and bad odour.

In order to protect the brand’s attributes of Protection and Efficacy and connect this new positioning emotionally with the consumers, the launching of the campaign should be as grandiose as the brand. Therefore, Borghi/Lowe turned this campaign, one of the biggest in the brand’s history in the country, into a big movement that stimulates people to do more and more, while always confident about the protection and efficacy that only Rexona can provide.

Rexona Do:More was a 360° launch, where the consumers were involved by all existent media channels, bringing the best possible results to the brand in the country.


The two biggest strategic challenges of the campaign were to generate awareness around the new positioning and new technology introduced by Rexona and to engage the target, inspiring them to do more and more. The best route to achieve this was through fast building of coverage to enhance the awareness of the new concept and a series of engagement actions, in order to bring the consumers closer to the brand.

The campaign featured dance and radical sports, which inspire doing more, and it was through these two platforms that the agency started designing the strategy that would make it reach its goals.

The concept was translated into a big platform of content and motivational actions that stimulated people to do more. The content ranged from formats in which the brand addressed this reasoning, to interactive environments in which the consumers themselves provided material that would motivate others.

Each planned media channel delivered the type of content that better suited its characteristics. The strategy of the campaign predicted from formats of great impact and visibility, brought by actions on free-to-air TV, to smaller and specific actions through the social networks and mobile.

The agency always made sure to keep the same reasoning in all platforms, in order not to lose the essence of the communication, adding the efficiency of each media outlet, and presenting a great synergy between the media channels of the campaign.

The reasoning on the media channels extended to the BLT actions throughout the campaign, keeping its unity from the launching event for the press, until the activations with Brazilian Olympic athletes.


As an answer to the strategic challenges of the campaign, Borghi/Lowe developed two big parallel platforms, seeking high awareness for the new concept and technology, and engagement with the proposal of Do:More.

- Television was the priority communication channel. With a big volume of GRPs to promote the TVCs, supported by sponsorships that guaranteed a frequency boost. Content projects with the main Magazines in the market brought more credibility to the brand’s reasoning and to the MotionSense technology.
- OOH took this technology to the main gyms in the country, and was present in their bodybuilding areas and locker rooms.  Actions on public transport also broadened the visibility of the communication.
- Digital complemented the generation of awareness through videos, both for desktop and mobile.

- The agency integrated Rexona into the content of programmes on free-to-air TV, through Product Placement actions, with radical sports and dance backgrounds. Content projects on magazines also increased and brought call-to-action, encouraging consumers to do more.
- Gyms offered dance classes sponsored by Rexona, focusing on overcoming limits. Actions at subway stations invited the consumers for a challenging and different way of using the transportation.
- Digital brought a big platform for creating content, establishing a constant dialogue between the brand and the consumers.
- Rexona created an initiative with athlete Arthur Zanetti (gold medalist at London 2012), inviting consumers to face four challenges. If they succeeded, an amount in cash would be donated to the athlete’s Olympic centre.


The “Do:More” campaign was striking and very important for the repositioning of Rexona. The communication effort for the new moment of Rexona began in all Latin America, and Brazil was the most prominent country, followed by Mexico and Argentina.

Post-view analyses from Millward Brown confirmed that “Do:More” reached the desired impact, as well as engagement and satisfaction from the consumers. The growth of the main attributes studied for the category were also striking. In the period from June 2013 to December 2013, the attribute of Efficacy and Protection against sweat during the day grew 29% and the attribute of Better Protection against odour grew 32%.

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