Photos exist to capture important moments, but now more than ever, they also exist to show off what you are doing to the world. But if the photos you’re taking aren’t good enough, who are you going to impress?

Enter the Samsung GALAXY NX Camera and GALAXY S4 Zoom camera smartphone. These new Samsung connected cameras enable people to take amazing photos and immediately share them with social circles, just like your favourite smartphone. 

The benefit of picture quality is clear, but the problem is no one knows these better options for capturing and sharing unbelievable photos exist. Starcom MediaVest needed to show Millenials obsessed with sharing pics to gain social cred what the Samsung cameras could really do -- take pics that will make their friends’ mouths drop with envy.


In this age of social media, the line between what is real and what is “reality” no longer exists. Today’s technological advancements enable us to seamlessly capture every beautiful moment of our lives, and share them with our world at the click of a button. While this offers our connections an unparalleled view into what we do, what we capture actually becomes vicarious life experiences for all of our friends.

As a result of this, experiences worth sharing have become our social currency. A unique experience is worth the world to a friend longing for an adventure they never imagined possible.

So when Samsung asks people to purchase GALAXY S4 Zoom and GALAXY NX Cameras, it is really asking them to be generous with their lives. To capture and share those meaningful moments; because those moments are likely just as meaningful to friends.


Samsung gave 16 people a chance to truly feel what it was like to experience “reality” by creating Samsung SOS Island, a real-time survival competition show set on an uncharted tropical island. Each contestant was chosen based on their application video posted to YouTube, social media influence and previous outdoor experiences. After an intensive week of training with survival expert Les Stroud, contestants were narrowed in half and relocated to the island to take part in team challenges aided by Samsung GALAXY S4 Zoom and GALAXY NX cameras.

Contestants captured the experience on the Samsung devices and immediately uploaded to their social network and Samsung’s followers to watch their journeys unfold online and vote for their favourite contender. Contestants participated in challenges like building a shelter, water purification and food foraging while they interacted with their followers on social media to drive more votes. After 12 challenges and 100,000 total unique votes, Graham Hughes was crowned the victor of SOS Island.

People watched the show online via the website and YouTube, on mobile and even on Xbox Live, making SOS Island a truly platform agnostic entertainment experience. Live streaming of challenges helped create deeper real time interaction with viewers. Plus, SMG leveraged Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in real time to drive conversations from the ground up, including a first-ever real time “Promoted-Tweet-in-Display” banner unit to give contestants’ tweets scale outside of Twitter. Other prominent publishers’ websites and influential blog sites helped create rich editorial content about the show, driving the conversation further.


Through SOS Island, Samsung gave people the chance to experience something truly unique: a vivid and beautiful world through the connected capabilities of the GALAXY S4 Zoom and GALAXY NX camera. Before the island journey even started, it received 11,500 applications from over 132 countries around the globe before narrowing down to the 16 contestants, thanks to PR and social media campaigns. After the videos were distributed, nearly 18 million minutes were watched by viewers around the world. 

Plus, SOS Island resulted in enormous scale with nearly 4.1 billion total impressions globally and the earned media value received nearly doubled what was paid. Through 1.6 billion paid media impressions, 2.5 billion more impressions were earned through press coverage and social media postings from Samsung and the contestants. @SOSIsland was mentioned nearly 750,000 times on Twitter and through comments and likes on Facebook.

Now, people actually know about the cameras. Awareness rose by up to 12% in key markets.

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