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In 2014, Samsung partnered with the Oscars to introduce the world to One Samsung: a connected suite of premium products united by incredible innovation and unmatched design. The challenge was to demonstrate Samsung as an innovation leader in screens from the 1.56-inch screen on a Gear to the 110-inch Curved UHD TV screen and everything in between.

72andSunny’s task was to put Samsung front and centre of the cultural conversation during the biggest celebration of on-screen action. When something incredible happens in our lives we use our screens to share it with others.


The idea was that incredible things happen on Samsung screens. The agency’s strategy was to show that from big to small, Samsung has the most premium screens on the market. It showed this by surrounding the Oscars event with media opportunities demonstrating the brilliance of Samsung screens.


Incredible things happened…

On TV: Five minutes of airtime showcased Samsung’s product line.

On the red carpet: “The Oscars Backstage” sponsorship provided exclusive access to the green room, which featured a wall made out of 86 Samsung products. A Samsung Selfie station let celebs take and post pictures via a Samsung tablet. @TheAcademy posted 10 promoted celebrity selfies taken from the green room.

In digital: Display and video ads on Oscars.com and in a companion mobile app.

During the show: The first-ever Oscars product integration within the ceremony. Oscars host Ellen out the Note 3 front and centre by integrating the device into the show as part of the negotiation. Ellen took a selfie with some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities and the world contributed to its success on the second screen.


The Galaxy Note 3 was front and centre during the ceremony, including the record-breaking “selfie” Ellen snapped in front of 656 million global viewers. The selfie generated 2.3 million+ tweets, crashing Twitter within just 34 minutes, and more than 65 celebrities re-tweeted the selfie.

- 34 million Facebook impressions
- 2.1 billion meme impressions
- 428 million combined online, print and broadcast impressions within the first 10 days
- 18% lift in ‘likelihood to recommend Samsung’ from the week prior to post Oscars
- 16%+ rise in brand sentiment on Twitter during Oscars week climbing to 42% weeks later (23/03). 

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