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Creating an ad, that extends the product protection to a new level. The beaches in Brazil during the summer are very crowded with people and losing a child is a real problem. Nowadays, people are more and more connected to gadgets, Nivea Sun Kids came up with an innovative way to improve the brand positioning of care and family protection.


FCB Brasil noticed two behaviours of the Nivea Sun Kids target, the parents: they are more and more connected to their smartphones, and especially in Rio de Janeiro, they have the habit of reading magazines at the beaches with their families.

Nivea created the first protection ad! A print ad that turns into a radar to avoid parents to lose their kids at the beach and then, Nivea Sun Kids will protect the kid's skin and keep them safe and close to their family.


The print ad, which links with a smartphone app, connects the kids and their parents at the beach. This ad has a protector strip that could be detached. This strip adjusts like a bracelet in the child's arm. So, the parents could download an app on their smartphones and sync it to the bracelet, transforming it in a radar. For that, it selected the most important weekly news magazine, Veja Rio, that runs on Saturday morning. Then, the agency selected a special mailing for the ad, composed by mums, with child, who has a smartphone and goes to the beach.


Nivea Sun Kids improved its innovative perception among Brazilian consumers.

During the summer season 2013/2014, Nivea Sun Kids was the unique solar protection brand that focused its communication within the child segment.

The strategy of linking Nivea Sun Kids communication to this type of high technology delivered something else than only a message.

Nivea Sun Kids was leader of solar protection for the first time in the Brazilian market: in Rio de Janeiro, Nivea Sun’s sales volume increased 62%, and outstripped its main competitor in 13% according to Nielsen research.

NIVEA received lots of requests on its SAC, asking for it. Also, NIVEA won 7 lions at Cannes Lions Festival 2014 - including a Mobile Grand Prix.

You can watch the video here. 

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May 2014 - ongoing
FCB Brasil
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