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The 2012 launch of the Snickers ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ campaign was a huge success, based on the insight that we can all act ‘out of character’ when we are hungry – from intense irritability, through diva behaviour, to full-blown bad temper. 

A Snickers bar offers the perfect convenient, and tasty, answer – a solution for those times when you’re on the go but feeling hungry or making silly mistakes because you’re simply not quite on your game. 

Mediacom needed to keep the momentum up in year two of the campaign, and continue brand growth, but without the benefit of new creative work. 


The agency came up with a new way to tell the ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ story in the digital space that expanded beyond the core hunger traits of irritability and diva behaviour.

Mediacom found that making mistakes when you’re hungry is very common, and misspelling words when searching online is one of the most common mistakes people make. There are more than 10 million misspelled searches every day – and so Mediacom identified this as a good way to convey the key message to a large number of people, but target them in the perfect mindset to take the hunger message on board. 

The idea was that each time someone misspelt a word when searching on Google they received a tailored message to “Grab yourself a Snikkers” as “Yu cant spel properlie wen hungrie.” 


Mediacom worked with Google to construct a list of keywords that were a combination of the top misspelt words searched on Google based on its own data, cross-referenced with key words associated with the Snickers brand story.

The media budget was small - a mere £5k ($18.5k) - as Mediacom knew that it didn’t need to spend much to reach large numbers of people - no-one else would be bidding on these mis-spelt terms. Using misspelled words in search copy is usually contrary to global Adwords guidelines – so they had to work closely with Google to get special dispensation for the campaign to run. 


558,589 impressions in 51 hours, a £0.0084 cost per impression and a slightly better than expected CTR (1.05%) meant that Mediacom reached a lot of people in a clever and impactful way for minimal investment.

The campaign delivered extensive PR coverage through articles on sites including Sky News online, Campaign, Advertising Age, as well as numerous blogs and discussions on Twitter. 

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