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In 2013, Rexona launched its new brand philosophy – Do: More – which was a call to action for people to do more of what they love, to do the activities that make them feel the most fulfilled and to live their lives to the fullest. Rexona’s role is to be an enabler, giving people the confidence to do more, because Rexona’s protection won’t let them down.

In line with Rexona’s new Do: More philosophy, the team was inspired to relaunch its annual Rexona Run. There were three challenges the team faced:
1.) How do 1DMG integrate the “Do: More” spirit into the Rexona Run 2013?
2.) How would it differentiate Rexona from all the other running events?
3.) How does it make the Rexona Run 2013 bigger and better than ever before?

Given these questions, the team arrived at the insight that running and music are two things that go together. When people run to the beat of music, they run faster, they go further and they’re more energized to DO: MORE.

So Rexona combined running and music in a multi-sensorial night run, where seasoned and leisure runners alike, party their way to the finish line. This run was called “Run To Your Beat” (RTYB), as different runners are pushed by varying types of music. Some like rock, while others like EDM. Others may even like House or Trance. RTYB was a run which energized all runners, regardless of music taste and background, to DO: MORE running and fun.


RTYB had one goal: to become the most talked-about run of 2013. In pursuit of this, 1DMG had to do two things: create massive hype about Rexona throwing the loudest run of the year; and give runners an awesome running experience.

Phase 1:

Create Massive Hype TV Seeding: The RTYB TVC simulated the unique running experience and featured Coach Rio Dela Cruz – the face of Filipino running, and Bianca Gonzales, Rexona’s Do: More Ambassador. The TVC was aired with 2,500 TARPS in eight weeks.

Radio Discussions: The RTYB commercial aired in 19 stations. 120 radio discussions were seeded over 10 of the top radio shows. DJs created anticipation of the unique running experience and encouraged people to join the run.

Digital Excitement: Awareness was driven by banner ads across Facebook, Google and targeted running sites. Excitement was sparked on Twitter and continued with discussions in Facebook and Instagram. Running communities and influencers were targeted to invite people to the run.

Print & OOH Reach: Ads were placed in the top broadsheets and glossies. In OOH, Static, LED, & LCD ads were placed in the five biggest cities in Metro Manila, which yielded over two million unique hits.

Phase 2:

Provide An Awesome Experience The Running Authority: Rexona Coordinated with Runrio, the country’s best run organisder, to ensure that RTYB covered the best routes, and provided top grade safety. Running experts surveyed the area, and secured all essentials.

The Music Authority: Only the best DJs and bands performed at RTYB. These artists energized and motivated runners to run their best runs, while having fun.

The Multi-Sensorial Experience: Aside from the best music, RTYB also had to secure the best visuals in order to supply the experience it promised. As such, neon tunnels, light dancers, and other breath-taking visual elements were installed.


Fireworks signalled the first gun start at 3:00 AM, after which runners were treated to a plethora of visual and auditory experiences: live musical performances, enigmatic fist-pumping DJ sets, a spectrum of lights; and even the much talked-about 160-feet long neon tunnel. As runners, in their brightly coloured race kits, hit the pavement, performances by only the country’s best music artists accompanied them. Delta Street, Sandwich, The Diegos, DJ Marc Marasigan, Deuce Manila and DJ Nina immersed the runners in their energizing beats until the 10 km mark. Funk Avy and DJ Khai pushed runners with their vitalising sets through to the 21 km mark.

Stilt walkers, neon poi dancers, light dancers, and neon jugglers surprised all runners as they approached each stage. Even the water stations were filled with neon lights. Topping the non-stop music festivities were three of the biggest names in Filipino music: Rico Blanco, Elmo Magalona and DJ Mars Miranda, who greeted all runners at the finish line. Amidst the party at the end of the run, a same-day edit video was shown detailing the dazzling events of the event, further pumping participants up to party—even after having covered their specific running distances. The Rexona Run to Your Beat was the first run in the Philippines to culminate with a rocking neon street party at the finish line.



The results of Run To Your Beat exceeded expectations. Run To Your Beat is the biggest Rexona Run to date, with 12,145 (21% above target) registrants. Running kits were sold out three weeks prior to the event; thus making Run To Your Beat the first Rexona Run to be sold out.

On YouTube, the RTYB TVC reached 2.2 million views, leading up to the event– one of the most viewed TV ads online by Unilever Philippines for 2013. On Twitter, it trended non-stop nationwide, and in all the major cities in the Philippines. This went on even after the run ended.

Rexona garnered a total of 16,708 mentions on Twitter and Instagram alone. That’s 5,000 more mentions than that of Masskara 2013, which is one of the biggest festivals in the country. The brand was able to reach 26,857,871 unique individuals online. Total digital impressions peaked at 247,608,027 with a 53% paid to 47% organic split. All KPIs exceeded.

In summary, Run To Your Beat became the loudest and most talked about run in 2013, and Rexona succeeded in its pursuit of energizing and inspiring Filipinos to DO: MORE.

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