Citra says 'Goodnight' to Indonesia

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“Citra”, Indonesia’s largest body lotion brand, witnessed slowing sales over last couple of years. This necessitated the need to innovate and bring in new offerings. Night beauty regime was an emerging segment which Citra wanted to capture with its new Night body lotion variant. The marketing task was to build a habit for consumers to start using “Body Lotions” before sleeping.

Citra as a brand stands for “being youthful but with wisdom”, “genuine but with a spark” and “sisterhood with a sunny side up”. The target segment for night beauty regime was young, modern women consumers who will be the first mover and regular user for night body lotion. These women were either in college or in their first job, living an active busy life outside home. The idea was to appeal, engage and excite them at the right time so as to build reminders for using Citra night body lotion. While TV would have built the baseline awareness we needed a campaign which is close to consumer’s needs.


The fact that mobile is the most accompanied media with a consumer is well known and established fact. Mindshare found an interesting insight (Source- Indonesia Mobile Life 2012) , that 69% of consumers interact and spend quality time with their mobile phone before going to bed. This was much higher indexed to consumers which Citra was targeting. Consumers especially in the targeted age segment tend to chat, play games, browse Facebook and this fervent activity delays their sleep.

Time targeting consumers while they are in their bed and busy with their mobile was a natural step. Citra’s brand personality stands for traditional, natural and soothing brand. So these sleepless moments were identified as the moment of truth for brand to ride on and play its role in the consumer’s life.


Finding a perfect match with the brand need and consumer issue Citra launched a nationwide campaign on mobile “Citra Good Night” greeting cards. Consumers while browsing their smartphones in the night saw teaser brand messages “Are you sleepless?” or “Wanna wish Good Night to your friends?” across the mobile ecosystem i.e. browsers, chat apps, games and social media. Once they clicked they landed on a rich media based application which allowed consumers to wish their friend a good night’s sleep.

The application hand sketched good night greeting cards highlighted in the mulberry color Citra night body lotion. Each greeting card sweetly described a unique situation of the struggle with the sleep. The app posted these greeting cards with customised messages on their friend’s and their Facebook walls. At relevant steps there was subtle branding for Citra night body lotion.


• Citra night body lotion gained 2.3% market share within three months of launch, making it one of the most successful variant launches in the body lotion category. • 1 million Indonesian women tried the product within first quarter. This increased Citra’s volume growth by 16%.
• The mobile campaign reached four million consumers
• 22,000 consumers created 63,000 Citra “Good Night” wishes greeting cards, generating a whopping 19 million Citra branded impressions on Facebook news feed.
• The brand gained 300,000 fans during the campaign period. Apart from the business and social gains the campaign left sweet memories and changed the habit of Indonesian women who started using a Night Body Lotion.

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