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In the competitive world of Australian motorcycling where Suncorp’s rivals own the two biggest motorcycling events, could a new, small brand kick-start the next generation of riders and grow their database of enthusiasts?

Being new to the market, Insure My Ride was already starting at the back of the grid, as its competitors had cornered the category and sponsored all the motorcycling platforms, including all the major motorcycling events. In media activity, the category was dominated by Direct Response; pushing large volumes to drive awareness and conversions.

However, simply following its competitors into direct response only would mean the message would not be heard above the competitive noise. Already shut out of the major motorcycling events and lacking the budget to out shout competitors in media, only something new would cut through.

Insure My Ride needed to double its database to achieve massive growth targets. It had to connect with riders on an ongoing basis driving one on one conversation. Growing within a highly niche segment with no product innovation, smaller budgets and larger targets; this was going to take something pioneering in the category.


Where other insurers and road users treat riders like second class citizens, Insure My Ride wanted to find an innovative way of investing in and supporting the bike community. The bike community is built on the experiences and journeys taken, they are stories that are shared and recalled because the thrill of the ride comes from both the risk and reward of the road.

The ultimate experience for any rider in Australia is the reward of a podium finish at the Australian Moto GP. However, the opportunity to race at the highest level only comes to a lucky few or those who have significant financial backing, making the dream of the Australian Moto GP unattainable for most. Insure My Ride wanted to give a lucky few bike enthusiasts this opportunity: an actual test contract with a professional, global Motorcycle Racing Team.

While a select few would have the honour of competing, Stacom Mediavest Group needed to invite the rest of the biking community to come along for the ride as well. To that end, it decided to commission a TV show to track the competition, and encourage the viewers to engage with the competitors online.


While its competitors continued their business-as-usual approach of message pushing in volume, Insure My Ride created an eight week TV series that uncovered a future motorcycle superstar, whilst also creating a new revenue stream for the business: InsureMyRide – “The Ultimate Rider.”

Launched off the back of the Australian MotoGp 2012, the TV series took seven rookies from across the nation to battle it out in a search for the next Australian Champion, all under the watchful eye of 500cc champion Daryl Beattie. Over eight action-packed weeks, the hottest young motorcycle talent in the country raced for a $20,000 cash prize, title of “The Ultimate Rider” and a highly coveted contract with Team Honda Racing.

The series was a unique marketing platform that engaged, supported and entertained biking enthusiasts. The new event allowed the brand to appear on all racing livery, motorcycles and signage for the very first time, and gave the biking community unique access to the behind the scenes world of becoming the next Australian Moto GP champion.

The interest from the show grew its database and was critical in allowing the brand to continue one on one conversation with consumers. This included the winner taking control of InsureMyRide Facebook page - giving the audience deep and interactive access to the show, answering fan questions about the series and motorsport - to ongoing live chats with biking experts and personalities.


The Ultimate Rider became an instant success for both riders and viewers. Over one million people watched the series (an exceptionally high number from Australia’s approximate adult population of 18 million) across the eight weeks. From an investment of $600,000, it generated $1.6m in earned media through PR, Social and digital which it never could have attained had it stuck to ‘traditional’ media buying.

The campaign ignited interest in the brand, growing the database by 214%, - far above its 100% goal target – increased brand awareness by 20% and Insure My Ride can attribute an incredible $538,434 of revenue directly from the campaign. 

Given the success of The Ultimate Rider Series 1, Series 2 has been commissioned and expects an even better podium finish in 2014.

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