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Hellmann’s has been the market leading brand of mayonnaise in Brazil for decades. But there is still room for growth, as most Brazilians only use it in their sandwiches. What few people knew was that Hellmann’s could boost the flavour of other dishes, like meat, fish, potatoes, salads and many other ingredients.

Besides changing a consumption culture, Hellmann’s objective was to increase sales by expanding its frequency and penetration among Brazilians.


Agency Cubocc needed both new and old customers to know that Hellmann’s goes well with almost everything.

The insight was that 70% of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale. That means that most consumers go to the market without having any idea of what they will buy and what they plan to cook that evening.

Hellmann’s found an opportunity to create a service that would help shoppers to choose and find their next meal in a new and surprisingly way and, at the same time, increase the awareness of Hellmann’s as a versatile ingredient that could boost the flavour of any ingredient they might choose.

There is a huge clutter of information on the supermarket, with a lot of brands investing in different formats to get the consumer’s attention. However, there is only one “media channel” that is with the consumer all the time during their journey around the supermarket: the trolley. So Cubocc decided to create a new media channel for Hellmann’s, hacking supermarket trolleys of a key Brazilian retailer.


The Hellmann’s Recipe Cart is an intelligent supermarket trolley that interacts with other ingredients by recognising them on the shelves and instantly suggesting a new recipe using them and Hellmann’s, right at the moment consumers are passing by these products. 

Customers can also use the custom map to find the other ingredients at the point of sale, browse through hundreds of recipes with Hellmann’s and share them via email.

The Hellmann's Recipe Cart uses a simple and broadly available technology (RFID - Radio-frequency identification and LCD screens) in a smart way, promoting the interaction between the cart and the products on the shelves. An intelligent software is instantly activated and presents a new quick recipe with the ingredients coming up on the screen.


Besides its surprising effect, The Hellmann's Recipe Cart proved to be an effective way to make people understand that Hellmann’s goes well with almost everything. During the first month alone, 45,000 people experienced it and sales increased 68%. Thousands of recipes were shared and Unilever had several requests to implement the Recipe Cart at other retail chains. The Hellmann's Recipe Cart also made the news - its launch was even nationally broadcast on TV.

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Hellmann's Mayonnaise
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March - April 2013
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