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Since being selected as the host country of the World Cup and the Olympic Games, Brazil has been full of optimism and good perspectives. The country was preparing to receive its biggest sporting event so far, beginning with the Confederations Cup, a moment that materialises a cycle of proud for all the Brazilians.

Fiat didn’t have a communications platform, asset or sponsorship related to the event. Its position in the market (market sales leader for the last 11 years in the automotive industry) and proximity with consumers meant that Fiat could not be left outside of this moment and it needed to celebrate this important moment for Brazil.


Agência Fiat created a movement to celebrate the games in the country that would have as stage and principal: Stadium (without gates, walls and barriers): The Street (Rua in Portuguese). A unique place exactly as FIAT is for the Brazilians: Democratic and the Peoples voice.

The campaign “Vem pra Rua” (Came to the Street) was built as a voice, a calling, an invite for all the people to live that moment. And who would be the best person to invoke that call than the biggest brand, market sales leader and one who understands the streets of Brazil?

That’s how emerged Fiat’s biggest and involving campaign so far in 2013, a campaign that was literally was adopted by the population.


Fiat created a unique song, with one of the biggest Brazilian singers: Falcão, lead singer of the group “O Rappa”, to be the voice and the song of this moment of celebration.

The agency launched a one week teaser trailer across TV, radio, internet, X-Box and mobile. Following the teaser, it then started the campaign on prime time TV. Then, YouTube became the second platform which hosted a “Making of”, the regular clip of the music, an extended and a short version of the music and all with the lyrics and the option to download the song for free.

Music players, Grooveshark, Shazam, SoundHound were integrated into the campaign so that they could spread the song when people start to listening and singing.


Fiat achieved 1.295 television rating points (TRPs) and 83% reach with 1,127,198,132 impacts.

More than 18 million views on YouTube and became the number one commercial in the country on the platform in 2013. It was also the most watched video in the history of the automotive industry in Brazil, ahead of all other videos about the Confederations Cup on YouTube (the second one has 151,727 views)

More than 300,000 mentions of the hashtag #vemprarua

More than 750,000 hashtags and 18 user different profiles on Instagram

The name of the movement became an Article on the Wikipedia

More than 40,000 official downloads

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May - June 2013
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