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UTEC launched itself as the university that combines science, technology and innovation, demonstrating that engineering can be much more than a career in mathematics. They want to demonstrate that innovative engineers can find real solutions to real problems.

With this campaign, the communications strategy was to awaken talented creative minds and attract them to UTEC’s program to improve Peru’s quality of life.


The execution consisted of finding surrounding cities in Lima that are suffering from a lack of potable clean water in highly populated traffic areas and installing multiple ‘first ever’ water billboards.

An example being Bujama, a town in the south ofPeru, that the first ever water billboard was installed in. Despite the harsh weather conditions of .05% precipitation, the air contained 98% atmospheric humidity; the panel trapped moisture from the air and converted it into drinking water for the population in Bujama, Peru.

The campaign was posted on water generating billboards to demonstrate that engineering is not an unexciting career choice; on the contrary, it helps power innovative technologies that can change society and affect lives for the better.


The first ever water billboard was created. Its unique technology that captured the air’s humidity turned it into 20 liters of drinking water for families of cities throughout the country of Peru. That, in turn, aided water consumption of hundreds of families per month. This campaign inspired and awoke the talented creative minds in Peru which, in turn, increased UTECs applications by 28% and with them looking forward to changing the world through engineering.

Through these innovative technology billboards, better quality of life is given to families in Peru.

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