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Competing against international airlines that were already well established was one of the main challenges Emirates faced when introducing Fusion Journeys as a concept. By sponsoring Fusion Journeys in Connect the World, Emirates positioned itself as the international airline of choice bringing travellers and cultures together. The idea of the partnership came from the concept of Emirates being the catalyst for “Fusing Cultures”. Fusion Journeys took six stars of the creative world on a journey of discovery to a location of their choice, where they learned from a different culture, and created something new and inspired by their experience.

This partnership allowed travellers to enter the Emirates Airlines world and be part of this journey.


Fusion Journeys was the ideal platform for Emirates to launch their rebranding campaign ‘Hello Tomorrow’.

Starcom challenged major cultural figures in the world of fashion, music, food, dance and classical art to deliver a new fusion work. These global fusion ambassadors undertook a trip on their own, absorbing new techniques and cultural references, before returning home to fashion a new ‘fusion’ product.

At the beginning of the week, Connect the World featured the first part introducing the Fusion Journeys star in his/her own environment where the viewer’s got to know them. In the middle of the week CNN followed their visit to a new land of inspiration – learning more about the local customs and cultures. By the end of the week, CNN travelled back with the Emirate's star where they documented the creation of the new work inspired by the fusion of the star’s own culture with the visited one.

In their communication strategy, Emirates positioned themselves as the airline that brought travellers together on a journey.


The activation of this campaign was launched on the broadcast and online platforms, allowing the viewers to be totally submerged in the Fusion Journeys world.

The broadcast sponsorship of Fusion Journeys included a 10” sponsorship billboard leading into the 2-3 minute primetime segment within Connect the World, followed by an Emirates TV commercial. The campaign was supported by a heavy Emirates broadcast and online campaign including: 10”, 30”, & 60” corporate spots, 60” vignettes, a dedicated Fusion Journeys microsite and a targeted online campaign. An auto signature tool as well as a co-branded print ad was part of the communication process.

The broadcast and online sponsorship made a clear connection between Emirates and their idea of fusing cultures. The viewer is part of this journey, watching the segment and being associated with Emirates in a different way of travelling. The microsite also invited the viewer to replay the segment and follow each of the artist’s journeys.


This multi-platform sponsorship allowed Emirates to reach their target audience and inspire them on behalf of Fusion Journeys. Third party research conducted and provided to CNN stated the below results:

Fusion Journeys

42% of respondents were aware of the Fusion Journeys programming, and had very positive reactions towards the campaign.

Healthy awareness of the Emirates sponsorship and overwhelmingly positive reaction towards it

TV Spots

The TV spot tested achieved strong levels of recall

Very positive attitudes towards the TV creative and the messages they are trying to convey.

80% of respondents recalling the specific TV creative agree that they “make them more likely to consider flying with Emirates in the future”

Overall Campaign Cut Through

61% of CNN Consumers recall seeing at least one element of the campaign

Brand Effect

+27% increase in brand familiarity of Emirates

Strong positive increases in agreement levels across all attribute statements for Emirates

+72% increase in likelihood to fly with Emirates

+92% increase in likelihood to recommend Emirates

CNN & Emirates Partnership

Very strong levels of agreement towards the partnership

84% agreeing that “Advertising on CNN shows Emirates is a global airline”

78% agreeing that “CNN is the right place to advertise Emirates”

74% agreeing that “CNN & Emirates are ideal partners”

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