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The holiday season is one of the most important sales periods of the year for Duracell and the battery category generally accounts for a significant share of annual business. All brands compete fiercely for attention and sales, often using big discounts to win. Yet as more and more holiday shopping moves online, battery purchases strangely remain rooted at brick and mortar retail. This was the opportunity. Instead of trying to out-spend, out-shout and out-discount the competition on Main Street, Duracell sought to out-smart them, tackling the online battery ‘gap’ by engaging with the largest online retailer


Battery-powered toys and gifts end up on most people’s holiday shopping lists, yet the batteries themselves are usually not included and often overlooked. The result is major disappointment Christmas morning when neither the toy, nor the child’s face, light up with power, excitement, or joy. A potential hero moment quickly turns to failure as that small, overlooked item actually turns out to be one of the most important… With this in mind, focusing on multiple contact points during the online purchase funnel, with timely, relevant messaging, SMG urged shoppers to not forget the batteries before completing their purchases.


With several first-of-their-kind activations on, Duracell saved online shoppers from themselves and drove online battery sales by asking a simple question: “Do you want Duracell with that?” For the first time ever, SMG produced direct ‘Add to Cart’ ads – creative units that synchronized with the user’s actual shopping, search and review of battery powered items, prompting them to add Duracell batteries to their order before completing the purchase.

SMG also included another first-ever algorithm to deliver Amazon’s High Upsell Cart creative unit at checkout triggered by the presence of battery-powered items in shoppers’ carts, also reminding them to add Duracell batteries to their purchase before checking out. 

By pushing the boundaries of what had been done and allowed before, surrounding the customer throughout their online shopping experience with relevant, timely, easily-actioned messaging, the agency successfully created an online version of Duracell’s normal retail holiday effort, reminding customers about an often overlooked detail to help ensure holiday peace-of-mind.


Overall sales of Duracell doubled on Amazon versus the year previous and Amazon’s ROI on Duracell activity increased 70% versus the same period.

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