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Sony launched the ‘Made of Imagination’ campaign to promote the Sony Xperia smartphone and ‘Face Off’ was the second phase of the campaign, to demonstrate the Xperia one-touch and Near Field Communication (NFC) features. To promote the technology Sony presented Xperia ‘Face Off’, the world's first interactive racing game open to consumers to play both online and offline, to help bring one-touch sharing to life.


The campaign’s main focus was to inform consumers about how they can use NFC, as it has not been used much with phones, and to put the technology into a real life context. The ‘Made of Imagination’ campaign has been deployed over all mediums including TV, print, digital, out-of-home and retail.


The one-touch technology works in the same way as an Oyster card or contactless bank card payment and the ‘Face Off’ campaign was Sony’s way of bringing the technology to life.

The Xperia ‘Face Off’ campaign used a multiplayer one-touch sharing game in which players had the chance to drive remote control cars, with Xperia T smartphones mounted on top. The specially built arena featured pinball-style obstacles and skate park terrain filled with NFC Sony devices including Xperia T smartphones and Sony speakers.

Xperia ‘Face Off’ is available both online and offline. The offline version of the game is held in a custom built arena in London for three weeks over October and November 2012.

The aim of the game is to help consumers understand one-touch sharing – a feature of Sony’s latest Xperia smartphones, without having to actually put an Xperia into their hands. Xperia Face Off allows players to take control of real phones offline and online, inviting them to give one-touch sharing the ultimate test drive and learn more about the technology in a fun and engaging way. 

Facebook connect is used to display the users picture throughout the two minute game. Up to ten players can play at once, so users have the opportunity to race against their Facebook friends.

As part of the ‘Made of Imagination’ campaign Sony also launched an innovative social media campaign called Tweetsinger (supported by Twitter hashtag #tweetsinger) that turned people’s tweets into songs that were shown on to promote the music sharing feature.


‘Face Off’ is the latest stage in an already successful campaign, the results of this to follow.

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