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The Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital in Brazil was faced with low levels in its blood bank reserves and needed urgently to rectify this. The Z+ agency was given the challenge of increasing blood bank reserves across the region. One of the biggest challenges in meeting this shortage was the difficulty of acquiring new blood donors. The Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital needed to motivate the younger members of the public to donate, but had an extremely small budget. The mission was to build a bridge between the young and the Hospital, introduce the issue into their daily life, having this public discuss the issue and convince them to participate.


To get young people interested in blood donation Z+ decided on an unusual strategy, avoiding traditional media vehicles and using alternative tools. The first step was to find significant partners who would embrace the cause with enthusiasm. In Brazil it is quite common for young people to meet at gas station convenience stores for a bite to eat and a drink so Z+ partnered with a major convenience store chain.


Fake blood bags were placed in drinks refrigerators in convenience stores, transforming refrigerators into a media vehicle to bring the issue to public discussion. The entire action was filmed and the video was featured in the largest movie theatre chain in Brazil - which became another important partner in the project. The video was also promoted on social media and was further featured in blogs and websites.


The results of the campaign exceeded all expectations. In addition to the huge exposure as per our plans, the action was disseminated unprompted in other media vehicles, being even featured in important Brazilian TV newscasts. With a total investment of R$ 0.00, a total return of R$ 725,000.00 was obtained.

Cinema Returns: 414,000.00. Internet Returns: 220,000.00. TV Returns: 91,000.00. But the best result was this one: during the first month of the campaign, the number of young blood donors increased two-fold and the Hospital received blood donations in volume enough to attend to approximately four thousand patients.

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Government/Public Sector
Latin America
June 2011 - May 2012
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