A world made simpler

Xerox has always been about simplifying the way that business gets done. At first it was making copies more efficiently, today it’s about streamlining complex business processes, so that clients can concentrate on their core business.

The marketing challenge was to shift perception of a very well known and well established brand and tell the new Xerox story to clients, investors, analysts, business industry leaders and influencers. The brand needed to do this in way that weaved humanity and emotion into a seemingly dry subject like business services.

Over the past few years Xerox has transformed itself from ‘a copier company’ into one of the leading providers of business services in the world. Today Xerox doesn’t just do ‘documents’, they deliver services and technologies that impact both business and the lives of people in ways we never imagined.

They are responsible for managing the technology behind national transportation systems like e-z pass, they created smart document systems that allow doctors to access and share patient records in real time, they even help organise and manage call centers for disaster relief efforts. The main insight was the simple fact that none of this is widely known or understood. To push this insight further, they needed a human truth, which was: ‘When business works better, the world works better’.

At the heart of the creative idea was copier paper, Xerox’s iconic symbol. It told the new Xerox story largely though the creative use of paper and achieved a blend of where Xerox has been (paper copies) to where it is today, a multitude of business process services. A video was created using stop motion which brings to life and builds an emotional connection to what simplifying business process can accomplish, not only for a business but for the world as a whole. For a two-minute piece, this brought a lot of challenges. Often it would mean spending three days shifting hundreds of individual pages to take up eight seconds of screen time.

Click here to view the video.


“A World Made Simpler… by Xerox” video reached and engaged the targeted audience of clients, investors, analysts, business industry leaders and influencers outperforming the goals set across several social media channels.

Twitter followers: 102% to goal, total as of 5/24/12 is 11,971. Promoted tweets engagements: 134% to goal, total as of 5/5/12 is 2,679.

YouTube video views: 635% to goal, total as of 5/13/12 ia 635,581 views.

Sharethrough engagements: 651 to date (LI Shares, FB Likes, Emails, Tweets).  

Paid Contributions to YouTube Views: 599,000 to date (includes, YouTube Instream, YouTube Search, Sharethrough, CPV).  

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Brand Owner:
Xerox Corporation
United States
April - May 2012
Young & Rubicam
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