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Ciel wanted to make a lasting impact on the planet so developed a new bottle design that contained 33% less plastic, making it easier to twist and collapse. Their new bottle greatly improved the recycling process while generating fewer CO2 emissions, reducing waste and lowering overall pollution.

Their business objective became a reality but a key challenge was to generate awareness that the product's greatest benefit to consumers was the part they threw away. With summer approaching and water consumption at its highest, Ciel had an opportunity to generate awareness and brand preference by connecting with Mexico's youth market, their largest target, to gather interest about their new bottle.

Ciel realised that the Mexican youth market were not interested in the benefits of sustainability and being environmentally conscious and wanted to create a youthful and fun experience where twisting Ciel was the key to unlocking dreams and protecting the planet at the same time. Ciel came up with an idea that put a twist on summer fun, where instead of being trapped by the endless summer heat, they were trapped on a deserted island with Ciel's spokesperson, Mexican actress and model Ana Claudia Talancon.

Ciel launched a video blog which brought to life a story of castaways. Ciel's castaways starred our celebrity Ana Claudia doing everything she can to get off a deserted island with a guy who was trying to spend more time with her. The campaign began with a leaked rumor on Twitter - "Ana Claudia T. has disappeared! Please help us to find her, if you know anything." A popular entertainment news program in Mexico helped spread the news. Ciel ran a thirty-second spot that aired with a popular "missing persons" television show, sponsored by Ciel. The spot let everyone know that the company was worried about its beloved spokesperson and needed help finding her.

Ciel broadcast another important message that a lucky man named Teo announced that he was with Ana Claudia on an island and that he wanted to stay there as long as possible. Ana, on the other hand, wanted to use the Ciel bottles found on the island to send off messages and be rescued. The brand posted all of Teo's stories and adventures in "The Castaway Diary" as he tried to convince his island companion that the Ciel bottles should not be thrown away and instead be recycled to make the planet last longer. The story shows Ana resist to recycling the bottles but eventually give in to help the planet.


Sales of Ciel grew 21% and its favorite brand status increased 9% versus the competition.

The video blog of Ciel's Castaways' adventures were a success. Mexico's youth actively logged in and participated in the storyline, posting comments and asking what the castaways would do next.

The entire story was picked up by several TV shows and media outlets, declaring that they were loyal fans of The Castaway.

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June - August 2011
Starcom Mediavest
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