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The Apple I-phone has always been a step ahead of its main rivals; Nokia and Samsung. Samsung realised that a phone was no longer just a dialling device to youths, but an aggregator of their interests and an amplifier of self-expression. Samsung wanted to increase preference and assure fickle youths that its devices were platforms for receiving and sharing content.

Samsungs  communication goals were firstly: Connect with the pro-Apple Youth audience through social media in a fun and collaborative way: Secondly Samsung wanted these youths to open themselves to downloading applications from android market the Google mobile operating system liberated by Samsung's bravado, The brand wanted to move beyond the gaming app craze and create an application which the youth could have a long term responsive relationship with in order to fulfil their company vision of "inspire the world, create the future".

Samsung embarked on a hunt for the perfect service which would captivate the fickle youth, Samsung put out a survey which revealed; 95% of respondents listen to radio with 51% listening between 1- 3 hours per day, 46% of respondents listen via FM receivers on mobile phones and mobile apps and 23% listen via internet and online radio station. Samsung found that the youth aged 15 -25 relate better to music. Samsung found that the second highest affinity medium amongst youths after the internet.

Samsung wanted to evoke the intimacy between a listener and DJ and the immersive effect of music and deliberately stayed away from ubiquitous radio talk shows and sponsored segments. Samsung mobile's commitment to provide more applications coupled with the accelerated rate of consumers listening to music via internet and mobile phones, SONAR was created a Facebook app which provides a seamless, real-time music streaming experience on both mobile and online platforms.

SONAR was Singapore's first multimedia online and mobile radio streaming app. SONAR enables streaming of electro and house, the app allows listeners to effortlessly access these niche music genres, view song lyrics and watch selected music videos via the android and Bada platforms. Youths can also instantly share their favourite tracks on Facebook, Twitter and email. Another unique feature of SONAR is popularity based track lists; Listeners choose "yay or nay" on a track pushing it up or down the live stream. This element gives SONAR a better understanding of listener's choice and a more strategic selection of new tracks. Music exists in relation to lifestyle components Samsung SONAR partnered with Juice magazine, Singapore's top nightlife magazine giving SONAR users first hand updates of music, fashion and events. Juice gets exposure via people who use the app this demonstrated the creativity used in both app creation which translated to value for Samsung.


100k apps was preloaded within Galaxy S ll Galaxy Tab, and Bada Devices

64,335 apps downloaded

40% growth month on month

77,841 unique users listened to SONAR Radio with 190,685 listening sessions

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