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Lucozade's 'YES List' featured seven limited edition bottles designed by some of the UK' hottest music artists. To help promote the YES range, Lucoazde exploited an innovative feature of AR technology designed by AR Company Aurasma.

The YES app used cylindrical mapping that recognised the surface of the bottle and unlocked exclusive video content. Users pointed the smart phone at a limited edition bottle and the featured artist would suddenly spring to life and  direct fans to watch the 'making of' documentary with a simple tap of the screen.

The capability enhanced Lucozade's strategy which allowed them to leverage Plan B's and Tinie Tempah's online and social media channels as well as through Lucozade's own digital channels. By harnessing the power of the artist and their massive fan bases, Lucozade positions itself as an innovator to an increasingly tech-savvy consumer.

The YES List featured bottles were designed by Plan B, Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32, Calvin Harris, White Lies, Kelis and Yasmin.  Each artist captured the inspiration for their music and their YES moments - those times when things come together and everything clicks. Each design was matched with of the seven different Lucozade Energy flavours.

Matt Mills, Head of Innovation at Aurasma, said "The first time Lucozade saw Aurasma they immediately understood its potential - and importantly, so did the artists. Working together, we were able to exploit our technology's unique ability to recognise cylindrical objects to create the world's first ever Aurasma-enabled FMCG product.



Launched November 2011. Results to follow.


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