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  • Kaya Moisture reactive paper demonstrated the hydration properties of Kaya skin products.

Dehydration, from heat and air-conditioning, is the cause of many skin problems among women in the UAE. Water is the best solution for dehydrated skin, but most moisturizers are oil-based chemical products.

When Kaya Skin Clinics introduced in the UAE Aqua Radiance, a revolutionary skin hydrating product in which pure water features prominently, it wanted to make sure its message would penetrate its target audience's mind. To do so, it needed to emphasize the power of water in making your skin radiant and refreshed in the highly cluttered sector while attracting beauty seekers to the clinic chain, which they often regard more as a medical facility.

Kaya Aqua Radiance decided to rise above the noise and exaggerate the connection between water and beautiful radiant skin. Aqua Radiance launched a print campaign using water reveal paper, a paper that reveals the printed image only when it makes contact with water.

The Kaya Aqua Radiance advertisements ran on the back covers of the highest circulating weekend magazine supplements. These appeared, at first, to be plain white. A simple message reading "what nature's purest skin care ingredient can do" invited readers to wipe the page with water to reveal a woman's beautiful face shine through. This action could be repeated as soon as the paper dried up.

In out-of-home operations, shoppers were given branded mist-sprays in malls, while in cafes, branded mist fans refreshed consumers, enhancing the connection with Kaya and the bounty of water further.

Interviews with dermatologists and customer testimonials featured on the radio and beauty bloggers shared their experiences online which led to an online conversation buzz.


One of the key KPIs was enquiries and these jumped by 43% on a previous campaign with a similar budget. Revenues from Aqua Radiance rose by 62% year-on-year. 42% of visitors to the clinic post-campaign were first-timers who were attracted to Kaya Skin Clinics as a place to enjoy effective beauty treatments.


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United Arab Emirates
September - October 2011
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