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Brastemp is a market leader in the household appliances category in Brazil. During 2010, the brand wanted to change its well-known slogan: 'It's like a Brastemp'. The new focus for Brastemp was inspiration, conveying the brand's new attributes: Brastemp was not about the obvious. It believed that leaving common sense behind maked people broaden their horizons, leading to richer lives.

Brastemp wanted to inspire consumers in their everyday lives, and a new slogan was born: (trans.) 'Inspiration changes everything and life becomes a Brastemp'.

Brastemp worked with the top 11 radio stations in São Paulo to create the big idea that would attempt to change the listener's day as they sat in traffic. Taking advantage of the São Paulo's rush hours, Brastemp could guarantee that people would be stuck in their car listening to the messages on the radio simultaneously. The aired message invited drivers that were listening to the radio at that time to smile to the person in the car next to them if they heard the message and saying that the person would smile back if they also heard the message.

The friendly idea was captured in a two minute video that was made available online. The action was surprising and elicited positive reactions, engagement and reverberation, going beyond the obvious.


The action became news on and offline with strong results. The Brastemp smile video was the second most watched entertainment video on YouTube locally. To date, the video has received more than 2.1 million views and more than 1,400 comments. According to social media metric site Topsy, the video made the Top 100 most popular videos in the world. The video was tweeted more than 27 thousand times.

The Brastemp brand and the hashtag #inspiracaomudatudo were trending topics in São Paulo and Brazil during the launch period. 67,000 shares on Facebook and 28,000 likes.

The campaign won the 'Best Use of Radio' category in the 2011 Festival of Media Latam Awards.

Script (trans.):

"Right now, millions of people at their cars, listening to the radio. All serious, sleepy, until an inspiration changes everything. We invite you to smile to the driver next to you. If he heard it, he'll smile back …. See? Inspiration changes everything and life becomes just like… a Brastemp."

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