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Dove wanted to re-launch its hair care range in Argentina and earn credentials amongst consumers as an expert hair care brand that women would trust. Dove wanted to refresh the promise that women who chose the Dove Damage Therapy range could reclaim control of their hair.

This re-launch featured new product formulas, new packaging, a new brand positioning and a fresh new tone in Dove marketing messages. But to achieve a successful re-launch, Dove needed to develop and distribute content to help generate awareness of the new 'control or uncontrolled messaging.

A series of videos were created that explored the idea of 'control and uncontrolled'. Well known female comedians discussed the things in their lives that bring chaos and stress, in a series of comedy monologues that tackled issues of control for women at work, at home and in their relationships.

Dove wanted to get involved in the online conversations of its consumers by providing them with some entertaining content they would feel compelled to share. Viewers are more likely to share content that engages them, which meant that Dove had to take advantage of the earned media potential of relevant, shareable content by ensuring that it was distributed effectively.

The resulting video series 'Stand Up Descontroladas' was seeded across multiple online platforms. Dove enlisted the support of key opinion formers in the blog space and launched a robust PR campaign on Facebook, Twitter and fashion aspiration sites. The key opinion formers spread the videos by posting entries on their blogs and Twitter feeds that discussed the difference between '#stable women' and '#uncontrolled women'. By the end of the first day, '#uncontrolled' was a trending topic in Argentina. Most of the tweets were linked to one of the Dove branded videos. Videos were hosted on a branded YouTube channel.


'Stand Up Descontroladas' achieved more than 500,000 views during the nine week campaign. 30% of visitors came from Twitter, Facebook, Dove.com.ar and paid media initiatives. 70% of views were counted in Youtube, coming from YouTube search or related video suggestions.

The mix of earned and paid media investment was split 10 % earned + 90 % paid.

The campaign contributed to a 10% increase in Dove's market share. (Source: CCR)

This campaign was shortlisted at the 2011 Festival of Media Latam Awards in the 'Best Use of Digital Landscape' category.

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Why is this on Cream? Dove has a reputation for engaging, but worthy campaigns. Demonstrating a sense of humour, especially in the subversive world of stand-up comedy, can help to humanise a brand, especially a global name like Dove.


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May - May 2011
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Branded Content,Digital,Online,PR
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