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Airlines and Twitter have a chequered history. Some airline brands have embraced the immediacy that the micro-blogging platform has to offer, while others have come in for very public floggings from disgruntled passengers.

KLM wanted to let customers know about the service that KLM offered in the social media space. KLM's social media policy was to answer every customer message personally within one hour, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

In a move designed to demonstrate its commitment to customer service through social media, KLM decided to spend a day replying to Twitter messages in person, or at more accurately, with 450 people.

Live reply involved the deployment of 450 KLM volunteers working in three shifts to answer tweets, Facebook posts, or Hyves 'scraps' using 140 characters at a time.

Followers and friends of the brand could reach KLM through social media channels in Dutch or English and ask anything regarding their travel or tickets. KLM also informed its followers about the latest airline news.

The human tweets were streamed live on a dedicated site, and archived on the KLM YouTube channel.


This stunt is one of a number that KLM has staged on Twitter. Live reply saw approximately 70 videos were uploaded onto the KLM YouTube channel, each achieving between 200 and 6,500 views.

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KLM YouTube channel

Why is this on Cream? This stunt is the latest example of KLM's social media expertise. Unusually, this strategy publicised KLM's readiness to embrace customer conversations through social media, rather than promoting ticket sales.

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Air France KLM
The Netherlands
September - September 2011
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