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Marisa is a Brazilian retail chain with 280 shops and an online store specialising in women's clothing for more than 60 years. The company wanted to launch a new store concept that specialised in lingerie. Before the launch could go ahead, some stores would have to be closed for renovation work, to prepare them for the new concept. 

Marisa wanted to create excitement about the new stores, and create an experience for consumers who were unable to shop at the store as some compensation for finding it closed. It wanted to hint at was to come, but without giving the surprise away, for fear of tipping off other retailers in the same sector such as C&A, Renner and Riachuelo. 

A teaser campaign in OOH media close to shops signalled the upcoming renovations, with a countdown to the opening of the new improved store. 

One of the first Marisa Lingerie stores was due to open in Sao Paulo, but at the Clean City Law introduced in 2007 forbids the display of posters and any other kind of advertising on the streets, preventing the use of traditional methods of outdoor advertising. 

The only material allowed around stores would be siding protection material, so the storefronts were covered with pink siding (in the vibrant pink of the Marisa logo), with a hole in the centre next to the message: "Have a look in here and find out what Marisa is preparing for you", attracting the attention and curiosity of people as they passed by. A countdown also appeared indicating the end of the renovations and the re-opening day. 

Anyone who dared to look through the hole would see a video with women dressed in lingerie working on the refurbishment, indirectly revealing the reason for the store refit. Marisa remained strictly within the Clean City Law and at the same time has generated buzz and news in major city media showing how important and relevant that action was and getting ready for moment of launch and open doors.

After completion of the refurbishment the campaign "Discover all that the Marisa Lingerie has for you" was revealed through the media on and off line.


The public interacted an average of 1 to 2 minutes with the action, calling others around to also participate. Soon there were videos posted on YouTube as a reaction to the joke, acquiring more than 80 thousand views in less than four days. 

News of the activity spread rapidly across national and international websites, blogs, newspapers and magazines, accounting for more than 80 news articles in the week of action being launched.

This campaign was shortlisted at the 2011 Festival of Media Awards in the 'Best Event/Activation' category.

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Brand Owner:
Marisa S.A
April - June 2010
Fischer + Fala
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  • FMAs shortlisted

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