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Heinz beans are a staple in every Australian pantry. The 120-year old product has one of the most iconic labels in the history of food packaging. The slogan, 'Beanz Meanz Heinz' created by Maurice Drake in 1967 has become a prime example of ad copywriting at its best. In a case of a product imitating its own advertising, Heinz Baked Beans were rechristened Heinz Baked Beanz in 2008.

Heinz in Australia wanted to re-engage with consumers using the brand's famous tagline. Being such a ubiquitous product in kitchen cupboards across the country, it was important for the brand to retain that emotional connection, maintaining its place in the national consciousness.

The campaign idea, 'What do Heinz Beanz mean to you?' invites Australian mums to create their own tagline of the product to appear on the famous black and blue label. Visitors to can write their message directly onto a can of Heinz Beanz, and submit it to a gallery for voting. The most popular labels will be used on a limited edition run of cans sold in Australian supermarkets nationwide later in 2011. Creators of the winning labels can win a cash prize from a AUS$100,00 prize fund.

The site also carries local celebrity Beanz fans Shelley Craft and Tom Williams, sharing their love of baked beans and their favourite recipes. Beanz devotees can also create their own 'facebean' character, which can be used as profile icon on Facebook, Twitter or Skype.

Much of the site is aimed at mothers, with the fun elements like the facebean tool presented as a game to be shared with children. Recipe cards are available for download, and the nutritional information is presented as a series of 'nourishing facts', with the emphasis on refuelling active kids.

The theme of active children is also present in the TV executions for the campaign, which also features print, retail, outdoor and PR activity aimed at mums.

Lucy Plunkett, Client Services Director at BD Network commented:

"Beans mean something different to everyone, from convenient, healthy meal solutions - to memories of how served as a child or energy to get through the day. We want to re-engage Australians and reaffirm that Beanz Meanz… Heinz"

Natalie Koenen, Marketing Manager at Heinz, adds: "We are hugely excited about the activity and can't wait to hear what Beanz Meanz to thousands of Australians. The multiple media touchpoints allows us to speak with, and listen to, our consumer like never before."

WHY IS THIS ON CREAM? This is an excellent example of Heinz allowing Australian mothers to claim emotional ownership of one of its flagship products, and ownership is surely more valuable than advocacy?

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