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Valentine's Day can be tricky when there's only one of you, so creative advertising agency Draftfcb Chicago decided to create a location-based app to help single people find the action.

'Heat Tracker' is powered by Foursquare and uses check-in data, to identify the number of males and females checked in at nearby locations, helping people determine hot meeting spots before a night on the town. Based upon the number of people on-site, locations can range in levels of "hotness": cold, warm, warming up, smoking hot or on fire.

"Whether straight or gay, why waste your time going where the action isn't?" said Kevin Drew Davis, EVP, group creative director of digital at Draftfcb Chicago. "There is a great deal of check-in data available in the social space, but we don't believe any other location-based applications can visually show where you should go based on the number and gender of people who are already there."

Heat Tracker features include:

-Customizable Filters: Users have the ability to filter their search by gender, distance and type of location (nightclub, restaurant, grocery store, gym, etc.) to find the information most relevant to them -- anywhere in the world.

-Integration with Social Profiles: In addition to integration with Foursquare, users can easily share Heat Tracker information with friends via connections to their Facebook and Twitter profiles.

-Access to Yelp Reviews: Yelp Reviews for each location are accessible through Heat Tracker, providing users with further helpful information when selecting their destination.

While Heat Tracker is designed as a fun, social app for the consumer, Draftfcb believes it also has significant marketing benefits for brands.

"Heat Tracker will enable us to determine a wealth of behavioral data about users' check-in and venue preferences, how they interact with advertising in our app, and the popularity of certain types of businesses and activities regionally," said Patrick Moorhead, SVP, director of mobile platforms at Draftfcb Chicago. "We anticipate that this information will provide useful consumer data for our clients' campaigns."

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Heat Tracker
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