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Schweppes has been producing mixers and soft drinks - originally called "minerals" - since 1783, when Herr Schweppe founded the Schweppe company in Geneva. Over 200 years later, Schweppes mixers have become a mainstay of bars and drinks cabinets all over the world.

Like all long established brands, Schweppes needed to refresh its image to maintain its position in the market place.  It also needed to find an effective way of promoting this refreshed image to its consumers.

Schweppes branding has always maintained an aura of quality, reflected in the opulent nature of much of its advertising.

It was important to maintain this perception of quality in the eye of the consumer, but at the same time involve them with the brand, and encourage them to embrace the value of a premium product.

The iconic logo was given a light modernising touch, to update the graphic for modern aesthetics.

At product level, brands under the Schweppes banner were divided into "day" and "night" products - allowing Schweppes to separate its soft drink range from its alcohol mixer brands.

Opulent perfect serve videos were created, designed for playback on screens in bars, pubs and nightclubs. Schweppes' online presence was renovated to incorporate the new creative style. In individual markets, users could browse through locally available products, and look up cocktail recipes.

More details on the Schweppes iPhone app, Unexpected Music, released during the campaign, can be read here.

"Schweppesonality" was an online contest that invited people to enjoy an online "Devil Wears Prada"-style experience, complete with a glamorous magazine editor and a front cover photo shoot. These covers were posted onto the Schweppesonality website, and on the Twitter and Facebook accounts of the participants where the public could vote for their favourite "Schweppesonality".

Prizes, such as iPads, were awarded to those with the most votes.

Other social media tools included the "Schweppesonalizer", which enabled users to make the most of the new Facebook page layouts


To date, the Schweppesonality Facebook page has received more than 47,000 likes.

More results to follow.

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