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Cream is a new online service for media and marketing professionals that indexes and analyses best practice examples of brand communications from around the world. Only Cream offers inspiration and insight through daily news, analysis, monthly reports and over 2,500 case studies of leading marcomms innovation.



  • WWF
  • Germany

The World Wildlife Federation uses artvertising to raise awareness.

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A glimpse into the future of augmented reality

"Imagine bubbles floating before your eyes, filled with cool info about stuff you see on the street". No, National Geographic isn't describing the first signs of a stroke, but showing us the way we might soon be experiencing the world...

Gemma Taylor

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Sweet shampoo of mine

"As we talk with women around the world, they tell us that they want to make themselves more beautiful without making their environment less beautiful," said P&G Group President Gina Drosos. Despite this nauseating sentiment, making packaging out of 100%...

Gemma Taylor

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Why newsprint will never die out

You can't beat a good, old-fashioned sensationalist headline. I'm fully prepared to admit that the printed word isn't as omnipotent as it once was, and I'm also prepared to admit that digital prose may well be where things are heading...

Mark St Andrew

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