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Scandinavian countries have always had a much more forward thinking approach to sex education and advertising than many other parts of the world. This open minded approach means that they can use much more frank and direct language when talking to consumers about sex, which helps in the communication of important sexual health issues.

International digital creative agency, Perfect Fools, has taken the RFSUs (Swedish Association for Sexual Education) condom brand, to a new level of eroticism with Kondomkampen (the condom challenge) its latest online effort.

The campaign has the simple aim: Encourage people to have more sex and create a better world as a result. Kondomkampen consists of three online apps, all designed to enhance users chances of getting lucky. The Liggblicken app (The Shag Gaze) lets users take a photo of their four most alluring looks before others pick their favourite. Knullmixen (The F*ck Mix) enables users to pick a series of mood words to go with their desired act before Kondomkampen finds the perfect sexual soundtrack. Knullrullen (The F*ck Reel) lets users switch on their webcams and star in their very own porno placing themselves in one of four classic sex scenarios; including summer staple back seat of the car.

Although a well-known condom brand in the Nordic region, RFSU continues to play a key role in sex education across Scandinavia. Every time a condom is purchased through Kondomkampen, a financial contribution is made to the organisations work raising sexual awareness. So far numbers of units sold as a result of the campaign total 504,331 condoms.

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RFSU (Swedish Association of Sex Education)
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RFSU (Swedish Association of Sex Education)
July 2010 - ongoing
Perfect Fools
Naked Communications
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