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Simply clever TV ad

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  • Skoda "Interactive" TV ad
  • Skoda Two ads running in parallel
  • Skoda Interactive TV ad

Skoda's 'Simply Clever' brand message reflects a number of features that the car manufacturer has introduced to make car owners' lives easier, such as installing a removable, battery-powered LED flashlight that can be used to change a flat tire, a luggage restraint system in the car boot to stop bags rolling around and a dedicated slot in the door for an umbrella. A remote controlled car boot is one of the features of the Skoda Superb Estate car, making it convenient for passengers to open up the trunk when loaded up with heavy items. These sorts of features are normally best demonstrated on the showroom floor, but Skoda wanted to find a way to allow people to experience the feature without leaving their sitting rooms.

There are two main channels in Poland that have been around since the communist era and are therefore widely accessed. These are TVP1 (conventionally on channel 1) and TVP2 (on channel 2). Skoda then screened two television spots simultaneously on the two channels - one featuring the Skoda Superb Estate with the boot door closed and one with the boot door open. When people were viewing channel 1, they would see a shot of the rear end of the car along with the message "to open the boot press 2 on the television remote". In doing this they would switch over to the channel showing the boot open on channel 2, thus perfectly demonstrating the ease with which the car's new feature works.

Conventionally in Poland Skoda's 92 showrooms receive around 35.000 visitors per week. The ad enabled 4m people to experience the Skoda Superb Estate car's innovative features.

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Volkswagen Group
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Telewizja Polska
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