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The Altius Foundation sought to create a product to sell to help raise funds to educate children in Latin America. The charity teamed up with Leo Burnett Iberia to create a reusable water bottle.

The labels for the bottle were printed up and sent to schools in countries like Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Ecuador so that the children that the foundation helps could write on them what they want to be when they grow up. The labels were then sent back to be added to individual bottles. Each had a unique note from a Latin American child and the message "we have written down our dream. Can you help us achieve it?. The foundation then approached retailers to sell the bottle, securing deals with the biggest minimarket chain in Spain. The bottle were promoted on social media, directing people to a central website where people could find a virtual copy of the bottle that they had bought, see other children's messages on other bottles and find out more about the initiative.

As a result some 10,000 bottles were sold in the first two weeks (6,000 would have been viewed as a success). This attracted the attention of retailers El Corte Ingles and Toys R Us and they requested a further 20,000 bottles to be produced. There are plans to extend the project to the rest of Latin America and Asia next year.

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