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  • Diesel Dressing room camera allows you to share outfits with friends
  • Diesel Diesel Cam installation
  • Diesel Camera unit featuring touch screen
  • Diesel Shoppers can edit photos before uploading them
  • Diesel Sharing photos on Facebook

With more than 400million active users, Facebook is a prime place for brands to promote themselves. More than 1.4 million local businesses have a presence on Facebook, reaching gout to consumers through pages, events and applications.

Diesel Spain is taking social marketing to new levels by creating a seamless experience that perfectly blends the online and offline worlds, bringing the benefits of social networking to shop changing rooms.

Diesel stores in Spain have introduced the Diesel Cam, an interactive installation that lets shoppers take pictures of themselves wearing the outfits they are trying on, edit them, and post them immediately to their Facebook profiles. For the uncertain shopper, Diesel Cam allows you to get immediate feedback from your friends on social networks about the clothes and a steer on which garments you should buy.  For the confident shopper, it provides an opportunity to show off your new purchases.

Shoppers connect to Facebook via Facebook Connect, using a touch screen monitor. The photos all come stamped with a Diesel logo in the corner, ensuring that Diesel gets credit for the new looks.

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