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  • Germanwings Flash-mob in a plane using signs
  • Germanwings Flash-mob in plane using cardboard signs
  • Germanwings Flash-mob
  • Germanwings Flash-mob on aeroplane
  • Germanwings Flashmob on plane

You generally get what you pay for with low cost airlines: no allocated seats, no food and prohibitively expensive extras every where you turn. Budget German airline Germanwings wanted to differentiate itself from the pack (which includes the likes of Ryanair and Easyjet).

Germanwings sets itself apart as a low cost airline which does give passengers allocated seats. In a piece of guerilla marketing, six Germanwings members of staff boarded an Easyjet flight, sitting in various parts of the plane. Each of them had smuggled in different placards in the shape of speech bubbles with various messages on them.

Halfway through the flight the airborne flash-mob (or "plane-mob") started. In turn they each held up signs to create a narrative. The first sign held up read "where are you dear?" The next one, held up by a passenger at the rear of the plane read "back here!" This carried on with: "And the kids?" with two signs appearing from different rows saying "here". Then the criticism started: "I hate this 'choose your seat' thing". When one of the kids holds up a sign saying "mummy I have to pee", the response is "only if it's free!" - a swipe at airline Ryanair which was contemplating introducing a charge for people to visit the bathroom. "That's not fair" is the child's response, which in turn is met with "look out of the window - at least that's free". Finally, the brand is revealed, with all of the planted passengers holding up signs that encourage people to fly Germanwings. All of this was, of course, filmed and then posted onto YouTube.

So far the video on YouTube has received almost 200,000 hits.

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