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  • Baygon Ant protest

Baygon has a range of insecticides for the home, which help people get rid of creepy crawlies ranging from ants and cockroaches through to moths and mites.

In order to promote its range of ant sprays, Baygon in Brazil wanted an innovative approach to show how effective the spray was at killing off the tiny pests. Working with agency Giovanni+DraftFCB, the brand came up with the idea of a campaign filmed from the ants' perspective. Clearly ants aren't too happy about Baygon. Baygon is the weapon of mass destruction of the ant world. Like any persecuted group of individuals, the ants (via the magic of anthropomorphism) would want to protest against the use of such a powerful and effective 'weapon' as Baygon.

One slight glitch: How do you make it look like ants are holding a demonstration? In the case of Baygon and its agencies, they didn't resort to the use of expensive special effects. Instead, the brand first created dozens of tiny, postage stamp-sized protest placards with messages such as "enough killing!", "stop", "peace" on one side and a picture of the Baygon logo with a cross through it on the other side. The tiny placards were then covered in a mixture of egg white and sugar to ensure that they were deemed suitably tasty by the tiny insects. When the sugary placards were left near an ants nest, it was only a matter of time before dozens of ants came out to collect the placards and march them back to their lair, giving the impression of a demonstration.

This was filmed and turned into a viral video to promote Baygon.

Olivia Solon - 05/05/2010

We’ve seen flyvertising where a German publisher attached tiny ads to flies, but in this instance the ants voluntarily pick up the placards. I’d highly recommend watching the “making of” video we have uploaded.

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