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Alien invasion

  • District 9
  • USA

Sony Pictures Entertainment promotes its District 9 film which brings its socio-political themes to life across multiple channels

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  • The Happening
  • EMEA
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Silence those vuvuzelas.

Two things that this World Cup will be remembered for will be that disallowed Lampard goal and the cacophonous monotone of a stadium full of vuvuzelas. Personally, I hope that HM Customs & Excise officials up and down the country...

Mark St Andrew

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If skin is the next advertising platform, does that make all of us media owners?

Axe, well known for their clever use of digital marketing, recently adopted a more low-tech stunt in a nice bit of brand promotion. Calling on the, er. . . services of Larissa Riquelme, a well known Paraguayan model, and a...

Mark St Andrew

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TwiHard with a vengence

Twilight Eclipse, the third instalment in the teen angst vampire franchise is now upon us, thrusting ever more pasty faced heartthrobs onto hordes of screaming tweens and 30-something women who never quite got over there 80s crush on Jason Patric....

Giles Fitzgerald

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