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Cream is a new online service for media and marketing professionals that indexes and analyses best practice examples of brand communications from around the world. Only Cream offers inspiration and insight through daily news, analysis, monthly reports and over 3,000 case studies of leading marcomms innovation.


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Latest favourite website: The fun side of dictatorship

Every now and again, here at Cream we stumble across a website that restores your faith in the brilliance of the internet. Social networks might well be the next big thing, e-commerce has arguably revolutionised the way we shop, knowledge...

Mark St Andrew

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Tron 1982 vs Tron 2010

Tron, 1982, looks like an extended game of Tetris compared with this 21st century remake, Tron: Legacy. The 2D landscape has been exchanged for a slick and holographic three dimensional terrain (2:03), more akin to scenes from The Matrix and...

Gemma Taylor

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Augmented Christmas wrapping paper

Justin Gignac continues his crusade to show that it’s what’s on the outside that counts as much as the thought this Christmas time. He has designed an ingenious wrapping paper that uses QR barcodes, a staple of augmented reality, to...

Gemma Taylor

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Festival of Latin media

As the Festival of Media gets under way, Cream selects 10 noteworthy case studies from the region.

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