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Precision targeting

  • Sheild Security A message embedded in a suitcase is read by a security officer
  • Shield Security The suitcase

Finding the right security personnel can be difficult, and regular recruitment channels aren't necessarily always the most effective. Amsterdam-based bodyguard and security firm, Shield Security, wanted to uniquely target security personnel in a recruitment drive.

One of the richest sources of security talent is at the airport. The rigorous checks required to get onto planes meant that there were rich opportunities for the firm to find new staff members.

Sheild Security came up with the idea to design briefcases containing a recruitment message written in steel letters. When the briefcases were passed through the X-ray scanners at airports and other public locations, working security officers could read Shield Security's surprise job advert clearly: "Wanted: Experienced security personnel.".

The cases would be carried by promotional teams targeting specific locations as well as being used by Shield Security staff whenever they travelled.

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Shield Security
The Netherlands
December 2009 - January 2010
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