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A time for giving

  • Heineken
  • Malaysia

Heineken gives back to the community at Christmas during times of economic hardship

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  • Ikea
  • Canada
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Feast your eyes on this pork

Meat manufacturer Maple Leaf has launched a site dedicated to all things bacon. Called Republic of Bacon, the site is utterly bizarre and features a range of pork related competitions, cartoons and virtual worlds. Visit the "sizzling hot" red light...

Olivia Solon

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Talking Puma

Delving in to Nike+ territory, ubiquitous sports brand Puma are taking things a stride further. Launching later this month, the Puma Phoneis set to send tongues wagging with a hefty list of sporty features, housed within a beautifully crafted form...

Matthew Clugston

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How to have a public feud with another brand

It’s been said that rivalry adds charm to ones conquests. Competition is good for the consumer and generally keeps everybody on their toes. Lack of competition impedes innovation, and lack of innovation leads to stagnation. Some rivalries become legend –...

Olivia Solon

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Take on the competition

Playing nicely when going head to head with another brand in public.

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