Solar-powered snacks

  • SunChips Solar-powered billboard
  • SunChips Solar-powered billboard
  • SunChips Press ad reveals message when held up to sun

Snack company SunChips had added a 10 acre solar grid to its factory in order to produce its produce with solar energy. However, the brand's consumers were note passionate 'green' consumers, but they were keen to do small things towards helping the environment.

The challenge was to get consumers to care about the solar means of production. The solution needed to involve a simple message that highlighted the benefits of solar power in an accessible, relevant way.

The strategy was to create a public agenda campaign which saw SunChips talk about reducing their carbon footprint and encourage consumers to take small steps to live a more environmentally friendly life.

SunChips launched a campaign across print, outdoor and TV. At the centre of the campaign were 'solar powered' billboards and press ads, which launched on Earth Day.
The 'solar powered' press ads in USA Today revealed a green message only when held up to the light.

The solar powered billboards only showed the message as a shadow when the sun was shining on a cut-out.

Sunchips also pledged to create biodegradable packaging. As a result, SunChips sales increased by 17.6% year on year

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