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Sleepover for self esteem

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  • Dove Sleepover for mums and daughters


Too many girls develop low self-esteem from hang-ups about their looks and it stops them reaching their full potential. The Dove Self- Esteem Fund wanted to fight this and deliver a positive experience for mothers and daughters.

While mums have positive memories about their own childhood sleepovers, they know they can turn negative and hit self esteem. The Dove solution was to get both mums and daughters excited about doing something positive together, encouraging mothers to make the sleepover positive experience for their daughters.

Information about the sleepover was distributed online at, offering mums tips on hosting a positive sleepover with music downloads, photo albums and live to air texting for daughters.

In a media first the promotion included a five network takeover with commercial breaks replaced with segments that linked live to real sleepovers and showing mums and daughters discussing issues that affected them.

TV programming was also adjusted in line with the positive theme to show empowering movies. Support also ran in-store, print and via PR.

The campaign delivered 11m media impressions and more than 30,000 registered attendees.



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Brand Owner:
March - June 2008
Media Channel:
Ambient,Branded Content,Digital,Events,Integrated,Mobile,Online,Sponsorship,TV

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