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Adidas has a strong association with street art and graffiti, with the brand having been inspired by the New York hip-hop and graffiti subculture in the 1980s. It wanted to pay homage to this heritage with a smartphone application.

Adidas came up with the Adidas Urban Art Guide to Berlin - an iPhone travel guide that lists Berlin's best graffiti. Users download the application for free or visit www.urbanartguide.de. The guide gives them access to a Google map of Berlin that is marked out with the locations of street art. The map can be navigated by a number of ways. Users can either "find artworks nearby", take a tour of the city with "Tour Guide" or browse the cities art in a "gallery". Users can click on each marked location to view images as well as information about the piece, the artist and further references. The application allows for users to comment and rate the art as well as upload their own pictures of the art which updates on the map.

Berlin is currently the only city on the Urban Art Guide's map, but plans are underway to develop similar guides for other cities.

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