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Calippo is a well known brand in Spain, with a reasonable high level of penetration amongst the core target audience, but it wanted to increase the average frequency of consumption among 11-17 year-olds

Realizing teens do not make a real difference between the "real world" and the "digital world, Calippo developed a partnership with Habbo Hotel, the most successful virtual world in Spain for our target.

Habbo Hotel teens need "habbo credits" to buy "furnies" (elements they use to furnish their rooms) and the more "furnies" they get the more popular and successful the user becomes. Normally the only way to get habbo credits is buying them, but Calippo offered them for free and additionally offered them other activities, games, "furnies", rooms, badges, etc that would give added value to their lives. Calippo put codes in the covers of the ice lollies which could be exchanged for habbocredits at www.calippo.com. This activity was supported by TV, magazines and online, with all creative carrying a call to action relating to Habbo Hotel.

Some 626,761 codes were exchanged for habbocredits, and the value sales increased by 20,66% versus the previous year. 298,170 Calippo Badges were delivered within the Habbo Community and the Calippo room (within Habbohotel) was the most successful room during the period of the campaign. The site www.calippo.com received 1,232,996 visits during the period of the campaign becoming the top ice cream site in Spain.


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Brand Owner:
April - September 2008
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