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High definition ad format

  • Bell
  • Canada

A satellite television provider promotes a new HD service with a new ad format.

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  • Western Union
  • Spain
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Design research is only good for small incremental changes, but useless when it comes to new, innovative breakthroughs, according to design visionary and professor Dr Don Norman in his recent essay “Technology First, Needs Last”. In it he argues that...

Olivia Solon

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Summer brand welcomes winter

How do you promote a product that is so inextricably linked to the summer during the winter? Flip flop brand Havaianas decided to raise its profile during the winter months by putting its shoes to the test - are they...

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Get rid of those stragglers

A Romanian beautician is promoting its bikini waxing services with an innovative poster. The number of the salon is effectively printed on what are supposed to be pubic hairs poking out of a pair of knickers. Passers by are invited...

Olivia Solon

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Celebrate Christmas

Festive ad campaigns have become something of an art form. Done right, brands can tap into the feeling of goodwill floating around...

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