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Axe's brand platform is "Gives You The Edge in the Mating Game" - the eternal interplay between guys and girls in the territory of attraction. Their new fragrance for 2008, Dark Temptation, had to bring this proposition to life locally.

Axe wanted to create a fragrance so good that women would want to eat it. An ice cream tasting session with women revealed rich chocolate was the flavour women wanted most. Axe translated it to a fragrance, Dark Temptation, and set out to inform guys of its 'effects' - the insight being guys want to be as irresistible as chocolate! From the brief, the 'Irresistible as Chocolate' platform was born and developed into core advertising - a chocolate man who represented this idea

In digitally advanced France 200,000 guys received "chocolate nibbles & licks" from girls on social networking site Skyrock. While real life 'Chocolate Guys' caused a stir in youth 'energy centres. Less developed Romania wrapped huge Axe posters in foil and gradually peeled back daily to reveal Dark Temptation, reflecting in-store work. Belgium surfed a national obsession, creating luxury chocolate love tokens to pass on. Pulling professionals challenged UK guys to test their pick-up power armed only with a bar of chocolate, released as virals. Markets shared ideas for sexy local celebrity 'chocolate ambassadors'- tempting guys with the 'effect' chocolate had on them providing huge PR on chocolate as an aphrodisiac. Portugal tempted guys in confectionary aisles to seize the moment, buy chocolate, seduce girls, and win a visit to the Chocolate Pleasure Mansion.

Dark Temptation was the fourth most successful launch in Axe's 25 year history, and surpassed all major global and European sales goals. After only six months, it was among the top 20 global deodorant launches ever, across all brands.

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